Sunday, February 1, 2015


Hey! Found a draft over here, too! I'm such a slacker!

Again, no idea what is going on, but pictures are fun. Diana got her wings and everything!

I'm going to miss these guys. Frank was such an awesome ISBI spouse. Unfortunately, the family is lost to whatever corruption took over my game last year.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

1.35 Let's get ready to RUMBLE!

Previously on "It's A Wonder-full Life": Clark was awesome, Linda was hormonal, and some zombies woo-hoo'd at a random house party.

It's been a long, long time. But the toilet's still broken and Kent is still stinky! He brushes his teeth instead of showering. Of course.

Diana came home from the party and decided let the crazy out in the kids' room. (Having small children myself, this totally makes sense to me.)

Meanwhile, Linda let her were-crazy out next to Diana's bed. Turnabout is fair play, I guess!

And Kent brushed his teeth in the kitchen. Take a shower, Kent. Really.

Clark and Frank enjoyed a quiet moment together while insanity ruled the rest of the house. I know that the "I" in ISBI is supposed to refer to the torch holder, but in this family I think it's probably Frank who's surrounded...

Kent was finally stink-free enough for some fun with Diana!

Later, our favorite pap came by to complain about the furniture.

I don't care how many people complain about it. I'm not replacing the furniture until these weres learn how to treat it properly!

Get down, Linda!

Linda complained to Frank about the furniture. Apparently, this made Frank want to teach her some werewolf manners...

Clark ignores the fact that his father and sister are brawling in the living area and complains about the furniture instead.

Then it is time to dance!

Nice elbow drop, Linda!

Linda has not learned her lesson.

And then she complains about a different chair!

Diana agrees with Linda. Clark continues to boogie.

All of his fighting makes Linda want to go to the prom.

Now that Frank has convinced Linda to stop complaining about the furniture he... complains about the furniture.

A zombie has joined our favorite pap and the family in standing around watching the fight. Linda and Frank seem to be having a good time! It went on for hours.

Eventually, Frank and Linda moved on.

Watch out, zombie lady, Frank doesn't like it when people tell him about the scratched up chair!

Then, a miracle happened. All of the kids (and one ghost) went to sleep at the same time!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Year's Resolution

So, it's been forever since I updated! I don't even remember my own story and I haven't Simmed in months... so I made a resolution to get back to it!

I'm going to get some posts up this week on one or the other of these blogs! I'm kind of excited to rediscover my families...

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

1.34 Zombie nookie

Previously on "It's a Wonder-full Life": Linda and Frank refused to come home from the library, though Linda spent most of her time being all emotional at him. Clark and Kent spent some quality time together complaining about the furniture and reading bedtime stories. Clark is such a nice guy! Diana went to work to get away from Clark's fairy tricks... I think she's still envious of his wings.

After putting Kent to bed, Clark cleaned the bathroom! I do love those Frank cleaning genes. I hope they last for generations!


Unfortunately, he broke the toilet soon after cleaning it and spent the rest of the day complaining about it. Do they ever autonomously fix things? That'd be handy. (Plumbing, anyway, I wouldn't want them messing with electronics!)


Linda destroyed more library furniture. She's so hormonal!


Later, even though she was already wolf-y, Linda had a very inappropriate looking full-moon transformation with her father right there in the reading room!



Kent had his first full-moon transformation. He looks very pleased with himself, doesn't he?


After work, Diana headed out to a party. She's still trying to get those private readings in and Frank's the only one who goes along with it willingly! What I don't understand is, why does her hair grow when she's in her work outfit... fairy magic!


I forget this guy's name because it's been so long since I've played. He wouldn't consent to a private reading, but did hit on Diana a lot. And talked about babies a lot. Diana is not allowed to have more babies.


Then this happened... right in the middle of random guy declaring his love...


Zombie woo-hoo! Ewww! And they don't even live there! I had no idea that zombies could wander into your house and woo-hoo in your bed!



Then random guy kicked everyone out. I wonder if that counted as a successful party for him?


Friday, August 9, 2013

1.33 He's not stinky, he's my brother

Previously on "It's a Wonder-full Life": The family visited the library, but mostly stayed outside. Frank scratched up a planter that didn't belong to him. The kids all did their homework! Diana suddenly started using Fairy tricks but still has no wings. Clark has wings and uses Fairy tricks. Kent stayed home to be a responsible were-kid and clean the house. No fails!

Still at the library, Clark perfects his Fairy trick. You'd think that Diana wouldn't fall for it over and over again.

You'd be wrong.





But at least she stopped getting mad at Clark every time.


Stinky Kent finished cleaning the kitchen and decided to rule over the dining room for awhile.


Plus, he's switched back to kid form!


After Diana had to go to work, Clark wandered home from the library to shake his groove thang. He just can't contain his need to dance. (Kind of like Kevin Kline!)


Back at the library, poor Frank tries to reason with were-girl emotions. Linda is such a moody teen!




Clark is a good sport about listening to Kent complain about the furniture. He's a good big brother.


You know, since Clark has never caused any damage around the house and all! Everyone hates the furniture, but it's the ones who've destroyed it who complain the most often.

I'll bet that they're just trying to get me to buy them new things to scratch up.

Not gonna happen!


Eventually, not even Clark can be handle the stench of stinky Kent! Kent is not offended, though.


Later, Clark proves again just how awesome he is by putting still-stinky-but-now-quite-dapper Kent to bed.


It's just so sweet!


Also, no fails again!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

1.32: Of Libraries and Fairies

Previously on "It's a Wonder-full Life": It was a long time between chapters! Kent skipped school and Clark got in trouble for it, which sounds about right for little/big brother. Diana had an actual birthday and Linda was forced to grow up a little, too. She makes for a very emotional teen!

After days and days of birthday excitement, I decided to have the family go on a nice outing. The next time everyone was out of work or school, I sent them to the library! Diana had wanted to read some book or other and I sent her there with the whole family.

Frank wasted no time in scratching up the place like he lived there.


Apparently the ambiance of the library was enough to inspire both Linda and Clark to do their homework, though. Score!


Kent stayed home for whatever reason, but he did his homework too! Three kids doing their homework at the same time in an ISBI? I should get an award for that.

Ghost-Diana agrees.


After finishing his homework, Kent decided to complain about the furniture.


Then he demonstrated his werewolf table manners by having ice cream for lunch!

You know, I could get behind the idea of eating ice cream for lunch when I had the house to myself!

But I'd use a spoon, Kent.


Back at the library, Clark fights with the suls.


But I don't think that he won the argument.


Now here's where things got interesting... Diana of the no-wings cast a fairy charm on Clark! She actually exhibited a fairy interaction! Autonomously! (They don't come up a available interactions when I click on her, either.)

It's like she's only a fairly subconsciously or something.



Clark thought that it was such a good trick that he immediately tried it out on Diana.


She was not amused.

Really though, Diana, you're the one who just taught him to do that! What did you expect?


Meanwhile, Kent exhibits the Frank cleaning trait while home alone.

It's about now that I realize that I never did replace the counter and stove after Frank tried to burn down the house.


As a reward for a clean sink... new stove!


No fails this chapter!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

1.31 Were-girl emotions

Previously on "It's a Wonder-full Life": Frank tried to burn down the house, but Diana forgave him because she has a thing for werewolves. Linda had a birthday, but decided to stay a child for a little while longer. Then she passed out a couple of times. Because she won't stay in her bed. Ever. Frank and Kent also failed. Clark was nowhere to be found because he likes to go to school and then forget to come home.

Ugh, Kent. Watermelon shorts, muscle shirt, AND you're going to pass out? It's like an idiot trifecta.


No, Diana. Just no.


Were-Kent actually got on the bus to go to school! Then he got off halfway there. Then he ran the rest of the way. I just don't get were-Kent.


Of course, when he got there he decided not to go in after all. What is it with werewolves and actually going to school/work?


Clark got in trouble for something, but I can't remember what. Probably for skipping school. I'm pretty sure that he went, though, and Frank should have been scolding someone else. Poor Clark in the corner, though!


He went right out and did his homework after that, though. He's such a good kid!


Diana became an actual adult. I don't know why I don't have a better picture of it!


After a full day of letting Linda walk around as a child, I triggered her to age up with MasterController. I'm not sure if this follows the rules of an ISBI or not, but it needed to be done!


So here's teen Linda! She'll become the torch holder on her next birthday. Assuming she ages up.


Were-Frank likes to kick over the garbage can.


Werewolves are weird.


Apparently, Linda was so distraught over me forcing her to become a teen that she couldn't take it! The horror, the horror!

Seriously, she gives "over-emotional" a new meaning. (Is that even one of her traits? I'll have to go back and check.)







Poor Linda.